It is very satisfying and humbling to create public works of art because it helps to build and maintain a culture of art within a community while bringing about awareness and conversation within that community. There is an aesthetic dialogue between a sculpture and its surroundings. Community members will experience a work of art from different angles, through changing seasons, and with varying personal perspective. Consideration of these factors results in pieces that are more dynamic as they reflect light, cast shadows, complement the plushness of summer, and the void of winter. Art is personified as it responds to its environment and stands in harmony with the surrounding community. This personification helps to develop a more personal connection with art, and it facilitates a healthy relationship between the community and art culture.


Jake Balcom is a Metal Sculptor currently living in Kansas City.  He has been commissioned by private collectors, commercial developers, municipalities, and your average Joe to produce unique sculptures, lighting, and large-scale, public art installations.  As varied as his work can be, Jake’s work always has the same goal, to find the perfect symbiotic relationship between the concept, site, atmosphere, people, and art.  He relies heavily on his passion for both organic forms found in nature and mathematical geometry to create unique, visually stimulating pieces that result in a balanced, complementary contrast between the natural and industrial world.