Jake Balcom

1519 Cherry ST

Kansas City, MO 64108





2005 Blacksmithing Training, Loken forge, Omaha, Ne

1999-01 A.A.S in Welding Technology with highest distinction, Southeast Community College-Lincoln, Ne.

GPA 4.0/4.0

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

1994-96 UNL Architecture College

architecture design classes

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1988-94 B.S. Biology with double minor in Math and Latin American Studies

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

GPA: 3.377/4.0

Golden Key Honor Society


2006 City of Lincoln Downtown Impact Award

- Cursive inspired railing “Script” for Dish Restaurant

2011 Peoples Choice Award for “River Flight” at Yankton River Walk

Permanent Public Art

2019 “Monarch Migration” – Riverside, MO – FABRICATION IN PROGRESS

2019 “Marlborough Blomes – Kansas City, MO – INSTALLATION IN PROGRESS

2019 “Money Blomes” – Omaha, NE

2017 “Mountain Blomes” – Cheyenne, WY

2016 “In Plume” – Gladstone, MO - Downtown

2016 “Alley Blome” - Marion, IA - Downtown

2015 “Dandeblome” - Blue Springs, MO - Downtown

2014 “Triple Blome” – Kansas City, MO – Swope Park Soccer Complex

2011 “Duel Aspirations – Blue Springs, MO Adams Dairy Landing

2010 “Stile Di Famiglia”- Omaha, NE - Little Italy Neighborhood

2010 “River Flight” - Yankton, SD Riverwalk

2010 “Four Seasons” - University of Nebraska at Lincoln

2009 “Ascension” - Omaha, NE Dundee-Memorial Park Rose Garden

2008 Bobcat Mascot - Lincoln, NE - Beattie Grade School -

2008 Rose Vine Panels and Fence - City of Lincoln Rose Garden

2007 Nature Themed Sculptures(4) - Lincoln, NE - Pioneers Park Nature Center

Temporary Public Art and Exhibitions

2015 “Modern Respite” - Kansas City, MO – Washington Park

2011 “Ripple Affect” – Yankton, SD - Juried Annual Riverwalk Exhibition

2011 “Reclaimed” Art Show, Lux Center, Lincoln, NE - Group exhibition

2010 “The Traveler” – Yankton, SD - Juried Annual Riverwalk Exhibition

2009 Artomatic Art Show, Toledo, OH

contributing artist: “Days Gone By”

2008 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Annual Art Fundraiser

contributing artist: “Alumination”

2007 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Annual Art Fundraiser

contributing artist: “Turbulence”

2006 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts “Objects of Desire” fundraiser

contributing artist: “Broken Heart”

2006 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Annual Art Fundraiser

contributing artist: “Morph 2”

2005 Group Exhibition at IS Studio

Morph Series

Private Commissions/Collections

2016 “Rebar 7” – 3 Landmark Center, Lincoln, NE

2013 Rye Restaurant’s Rye Grass Inspired Fire Pit Screens

2013 Willeke Rail - “Windswept Grasses”

2013 Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Gazebo Trellis with Custom Art Glass

2012 Drijber Craft Period Deck Rail

2012 Drijber Stainless Steel Stair Rail

2012 Sleepy Head Beds Trophy Concept – “Reaching the Stars”

2012 Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Trellis with Custom Art Glass

2012 Copper Tulip Fountain

2012 Lomax Craft Style Railing

2012 Plush Reception Desk

2011 Bella Floral Signage

2011 Dionisopoulis Tree Branch Railing

2011 Teten Art Nouveau Chandelier “Discovery”

2010 Rhoman Curved Staircase

2010 Henning Sculpture – “Reaching Home

2010 Duncan ArtDeco Bronze Railing and Gate – “Flourish”

2010 NE Heavy Industries Sign

2009 Wanamaker Gates and Fence – “Geometrix”

2008 Teten Gothic Arch Inspired railing

2008 Goranson Forged Shutters

2008 Daize Craft Period Railing

2008 Harris Rail - “Hammered Elegance”

2008 Christ the King Church - Brass Altar Panels “Release”

2007 Devries Railing “Wave”

2007 “Turbulence” Synergy Series Coffee Table

2007 McGowan’s Grape Vine Inspired Double Gate

2007 Heiser’s Floating Glass Dining Table

2007 Bella Salon’s Floral Logo Inspired Fence with Flower Corner Lights

2007 Jamisen’s Traditional Decorative Iron Stair Railing

2007 Wenzl Railing

2007 Turbine Flats Signage

2007 Amigos Decorative Grillwork

2006 Gallentine’s Traditional French Ironwork Deck Rail

2006 “Broken Heart” Synergy Series Coffee Table

2006 Lomax Modern Abstract Stair Railing

2006 “Morph 2” Synergy Series Coffee Table

2006 Meintz’s 1960’s Inspired Stair Railing

2006 Church of Transfiguration Baptismal Font

2006 Parthenon Restaurant Grape Vine Booths

2005 Hughes Modern Deck railing

2005 Crimmins Stair Railing

2005 Dish Restaurant’s Cursive Inspired Railing “Script”

2005 Voda Lounge’s1960’s Pop Inspired Grillwork

2005 Highnooners Clock Inspired Railing “Tick Tock”

2005 Aethy’s Wine Rack Table

2005 Moulder’s Floating Table “Morph”

2004 Church of Transfiguration Altar Gates

2004 Lansky’s Decorative Grillwork

2004 IS Salon’s Industrial Inspired Reception Desk “Indesktrial”

2004 Gordon/Shoemaker’s Asian and Industrial Inspired Dining Table “Ironbound Zen 2”

2004 Muse Salon’s Floral Inspired Flame Decorated Mirror Frames,

Panels, and Reception Desk

2004 Stainless Steel Wall Fountain

2003 Bricktop Nightclub’s Gothic Inspired Sconces

2003 Gordon/Shoemaker’s Stair Railing - “Ironbound Zen”

2003 Dish Restaurant’s Modern Funky Wall Clock “Clox 1”

2003 Oso Rustic Outdoor Dining Rail

2002 Parthenon Restaurant’s Greek Inspired Bar Stools “Z”

2002 Bricktop Nightclub’s Gothic Inspired Bar and Giant

Pendant Lights

2001 Yia Yia’s Pizza Restaurant’s Pool Table Lights “Bobbles”